Orlaco standard 4-pins multi cable

Features & Details

Technical specifications

  • Connectors Orlaco 4-pins M16 female / Orlaco 4-pins M16 male
  • Protection class Watertight IP67
  • Operating temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Orlaco part 0301960 - 1m 
  • Orlaco part 0301860 - 2m 
  • Orlaco part 0301890 - 3m
  • Orlaco part 0301450 - 4m
  • Orlaco part 0301880 - 5m
  • Orlaco part 0301910 - 7.5m
  • Orlaco part 0301930 - 8m
  • Orlaco part 0301950 - 9m
  • Orlaco part 0301900 - 11m
  • Orlaco part 0301920 - 16m
  • Orlaco part 0301940 - 21m


The Orlaco standard 4-pins multi cable is available in a rang of length from 1m up to 21m. This standard multi cable is suitable for all 4-pin (UNI) video, non-serial Orlaco vision systems on all machines, vehicles and vessels. The cables have EMC screening and are resistant to oil and petrol, are ADR approved and have waterproof, molded connectors.

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