Mine Light Bar With L74CA

Features & Details

* Highly visible light bar display 
* Multi Voltage 12-24V
* Polycarbonate Lens
* Aluminium Base 
* Vibration resistance
* Ingress Protection IP67
* Flash Patterns:
- Single
- Quad
- 4 Panel Rotating
- Double Flash
- 2 Panel Rotating
- Cycles through Flash Patterns listed above
- Quad Flash 2 panel alternating

* Length 1,264mm


Custom Design Mine Light Bar With L74CA

Available with the newest range of compact and economical LED Beacon. Manufactured with UV stabilised polycarbonate shells – low profile, aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance and noise.


Bar Technical specifications

  • Robust custom design to withstand mining conditions
  • Modular design for easy construction and maintenance
  • 2-pin male plug to power whip aerial
  • IP66 rated: Dustproof and Water Resistant
  • Custom signage can be added (Optional)
  • Dual Tone Reverse Buzzer
  • Brake / Tail Lights
  • Rear Indicators
  • Length 1,264mm
  • 1m center harness

Beacon specifications

  • PC board Epoxy Potted
  • Polycarbonate LENs/UV stabilised
  • Input Voltage 12v-24v
  • 24 x 1w LED’s
  • Flash Patterns

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