NORDIC N460 60W – Heavy Duty LED Work Lamp

Features & Details

- Long life LED’s
- Over voltage, over temperature, spike & polarity protected
- Environmentally sealed cast alloy body
- Extreme shock resistance
- Heavy duty anti-vibration mounting system
- Whiter than daylight colour temperature
- Replaceable lens
- Rotate lens for pendant mount
- Deutsch DT connector encapsulated in bod


The NORDIC N460 60W is a Heavy Duty LED Work Lamp; Long life LED’s, Over voltage with over temperature, spike & polarity protected. Environmentally sealed cast alloy body. Extreme shock resistance. Heavy duty anti-vibration mounting system. Whiter than daylight colour temperature. Replaceable lens. Rotate lens for pendant mount and Deutsch DT connector encapsulated in body


AP03-6001     Nordic N460 24V 60W Wide Flood – LED

AP03-6002     Nordic N460 24V 60W Flood – LED

AP03-6003     Nordic N460 24V 60W Low Beam – LED

AP03-6004     Nordic N460 24V 60W High Beam – LED


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